Picky Eaters

Spotlight on Equine Nutrition Series

Learn more about Whole Foods -- Your horse will truly enjoy them.

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BEET-E-BITES Cookie Crumbles

Low NSC - Natural ingredients 

Delicious way to feed supplements -- just mix in or add on top of meal

Insulin Resistant horses can enjoy these delicious cookie crumbs, designed for all horses, especially the:

� Insulin Resistant, Diabetic, Laminitic or Cushingoid Horse; 
� Large breeds that are prone toward polysaccharide disorders (EPSM); or

� Simply and Most Importantly -- Your Best Friend!

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Profile - Omega 3 Concentrate

Horsetech's Profile provides an extra boost of DHA without the use of fish oil! Instead, they use Algal Omega-3 Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) on a base of food-grade flax and chia seeds! 

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An excellent source of Omega 3s to reduce inflammation, lower insulin resistance, protect immune function, ease skin and hoof problems, and make your horse shine with health! Chia seeds are also high in water soluble fiber, creating a soothing gel inside the digestive tract.

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   Equipockets Pill Pouches (from Beet-e-Bites)! 

Equipockets are the delicious way to give your horse medication. They are tested at Equi-Analytical Laboratories and are under 10% ESC and Starch, which are the recommendations from veterinarians for horses with Insulin Resistance, Cushing�s disease, PSSM, and Equine Metabolic Syndrome.

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Apple or Peppermint Flavors


Aperti is a new liquid flavoring product that can help you because from time to time horse owners need to add a little flavoring to get horses to accept new feed products, medications, supplements, etc.

Aperti is vegetable oil based --  In fact, the oil that is used is made for human consumption--very pure!   To the oil, concentrated flavorings are added, to give you superior flavoring.  



Also ReitSport HA-100 Lite COMPLETE 
(for predominantly hay-based diets)

Amazing coverage for joints, hooves, glowing coat, attitude, and overall health (also contains a potent probiotic package). And the COMPLETE version fills in all those vitamins lost when fresh grass has been cut, dried, and stored to make hay. 

These Lite versions are better tasting (for the picky eater) and also have less fat (for the horse who could benefit from fewer calories).


Also Gl�nzen-Lite COMPLETE 
(for predominantly hay-based diets)

Great for the Hoof, Coat and Attitude!  Offers hoof protection, B vitamins, minerals, and freshly ground flaxseed (non-GMO!).

The COMPLETE version adds vitamins that are no longer found in hay (after the fresh grass is cut, dried, and store).  

These Lite versions are better tasting (for the picky eater) and also have less fat (for the horse who could benefit from fewer calories).

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