Individual Vitamins and Minerals



Natural Vitamin E from Horsetech

Each one ounce serving will provide 5,000 IUs of vitamin E on a food-grade, milled flax and yeast culture base. Very palatable and easy to feed. 

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SU-PER Calcium Citrate Powder

One ounce provides 1.5 grams of elemental Calcium. Highly bioavailable form. Best used to balance diets too high in phosphorus. 

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SU-PER Biotin Powder

One ounce provides 25 mg of biotin

Helps support normal hoof and hair growth. May support cracked hooves and hoof walls. 

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Premium Magnesium Oxide -- 60% magnesium (Horsetech, Inc.)
Fine powder provides 10 grams of magnesium per scoop.

Chromium Yeast (Horsetech, Inc.)
Highly bioavailable. Provides 2 mg of chromium per scoop.

Selenium Yeast (Horsetech, Inc.)
Highly bioavailable. Just selenium -- provides 1 mg of selenium per scoop.

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B Complex Vitamin Supplement to assist with stress, calming, weight gain, appetite, and performance. 


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C-442 by Horsetech
Buffered Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)


Ester C -- more readily available and gentler on the stomach. 

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powder - DiCalcium Phosphate base / no flavoring

Consider for diets with adequate Selenium already provided


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    SU-PER E-8000

powder - Rice Hull Base/ Molasses and Apple Flavoring (no sweetener added)

Concentrated Source of Vitamin E to treat EPM, immune system disorders, physical stress, and recovery from injury or illness




Concentrated Thiamine (B1) by Horsetech

Thiamine helps with  Energy Metabolism, Digestion, and the Healthy Nervous System

Thiamine is especially important for horses with increased energy needs due to intense exercise demands.

The digestive system is also maintained properly by Thiamine, and added thiamine has been shown to reduce diarrhea when other methods have failed.

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Supports Cardiovascular, Red Blood Cell,

and Nervous System Health.


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There has been quite a bit of interest in recent months in a source of Selenium Yeast and Natural Vitamin E.  Selen AT combines premium quality Selenium Yeast and Natural Vitamin E in a convenient, concentrated and palatable supplement!

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There have been many requests for a bioavailable source of silica.  Silica is essential for collagen formation and has great potential to help with joint and cartilage inflammation and deterioration, as well as bone density/strength, hoof integrity, immune status, and skin and coat health.

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