Herbal Preparations

Wild Fed Stomach Soother - For the prevention and treatment of stomach ulcers

Often the cause of ulcers in horses is stress such as moving to a new location, lots of trailer travel, not eating often enough, competition etc. It is important to address the cause of the stress in addition to repairing the damaged tissues so the ulcer does not continually return. Ingredients: Organic Marshmallow root, Chia, Organic Kelp, Organic Chamomile, Organic Licorice Root, Organic Anise, Organic Meadowsweet, Love and Prayers

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Wild Fed Allergy Support - Calms the immune system response to allergic triggers

Benefits: This formula is designed to reduce the allergic inflammatory response. The herbs in this formula are anti-inflammatory, rich in bioflavonoids and anti-oxidants and stop the histamine response. Horses often can get swollen underbellies due to an allergic response to biting insects. This formula can stop the allergic response and help to modulate the immune system to be less responsive.Ingredients:  Organic Nettle Leaf, Organic Orange Peel, Organic Holy Basil, Organic Peppermint, Organic Rosehips, Organic Milk Thistle seed, Love and Prayers

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Fore Calm by ForeFront Equine

Combines the calming effects of magnesium, taurine, l-tryptophan, thiamine, and organic hempseed, along with the patented and award-winning ingredient of Suntheanine. This combination of active ingredients minimizes both physical and mental stress, and anxiety and nervousness, allowing your horse to focus on the job or task. ForeCalm is Show Safe and will not test. 

Chock Full'a Chia Biscuits 

Offer Chia in a highly palatable biscuit that is excellent for a treat, or for supplementing chia seeds. Low in Sugar and Starch. "Sea Biscuits" are especially good for horses with challenges to their immune system such as allergic reactions and those with Cushing's disease -- contain spirulina and Manuka honey for a healthy immune response. 

Crypto Aero Plus+ 

A complete, whole food, vitamin and mineral supplement supporting hoof growth, cartilage, tendon, joint, lung, capillary strength, immune system, fore and hind gut digestion and intestinal lining, coat, kidney, and thyroid health. 100% human grade. Non-GMO.


Alpha Gold

Offers curcumin in a perfect balance of coconut oil, flaxseed oil, and Aloe Vera, to offer an incredibly convenient and effective way of delivering turmeric to your horse. 

Ideal for for horses needing joint and mobility support, as well as reducing inflammatory conditions throughout the body.


by ForeFront Equine

Properly functioning lungs and airways is critical for any equine to reach his genetic potential. ForeRespiratory was specifically designed to support lung function and address respiratory symptoms such as heaves, coughing, and eye and nasal drainage. The proprietary blend of high-quality herbs helps to restore normal lung function for horses who are exposed to allergen such as pollution, dust, and mold. 

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ForeDigest by ForeFront Equine

The equine digestive system is delicate and unpredictable. ForeDigest is a premium product. It includes a unique blend of organic ginger root, organic papaya, equine specific enzymes, an equine specific pro/prebiotic, colostrum, and BeneCell. These ingredients support gastric and intestinal health and prevent and repair leaky gut. 

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LiverZyme (Peak Performance Nutrients)

Purify, Cleanse & Perform

Introducing Liver-Zyme� from Peak Performance Nutrients, the most complete and effective liver support product.

All new Liver-Zyme from Peak Performance Nutrients provides ingredients to help cleanse and protect the liver from the stress of competition and environmental factors. Liver-Zyme

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AmiQuell -- Gastro Support  and Ulcer Treatment for All Classes of Horses Prone to Ulcers and Ulcer-Related Problems. Contains ingredients such as Quercetin, Glutamine, Slippery Elm and Fructooligosaccharides, along with much more, to help with tissue repair.



 Exceed 6-Way! New!


Joints, Hooves, Digestion Integrity, Protection from ulcers and colic, Blood/Vascular health, Skin/Hair


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  Hemo Cease�
Support normal lung function through a concentrated blend of bioflavanoids and herbs.  For Daily use, beneficial for respiratory distress due to pollen, dust, and the bleeding that may arise from intense exercise.



HCX - Hemo Cease Xtreme�
HCX� is a proprietary herbal blend designed to support normal lung function under extreme conditions, to be used before event.




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