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I've selected supplements and products that I feel are beneficial for your horse. I'm pleased to be able to offer you Free Shipping on all nutritional supplements and health products (excluding books) within the Continental U.S. Some items even ship for free to Alaska and Hawaii. 

There are no minimum orders, no service charges -- simply Free Shipping! 

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Available products:
  • Pellets for your horses
  • Paste - for horses in a convenient form
  • Full spectrum tinctures in 1000, 2500, and 5000 mg for you and your horses. 
  • Full spectrum tinctures for your pets
  • Gummies
  • Skin cream
  • Soft gel capsules
  • Lip balm
Click here to order CBD products, offered by CBDistillery (a high quality industry leader) and ForeFront Equine (products made with integrity and purity)...


Whole foods are exciting to offer your horse. Look at these Whole Food supplements offered by  Getty Equine Nutrition:

Looking for Omega 3s? Getty Equine Nutrition offers several excellent sources:


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Alphabetical List of Products

Actiflex Pellets! 

Acti-Flex 4000

Acti-Flex Powder

Acti-Flex Senior

Adapt & Calm - Adaptogenic herbal - See #4 on list 

Aging Horses Part of the Spotlight on Equine Nutrition Series

Allergy Support from Wild Fed Feed - Herbal and Clean 

Algae to Omega by Equi-Force - HIGH DHA ALGAE! 

Allstar from ForeFront Equine - An All-in-One product combining support for digestion, respiration, and joints with the benefits of colostrum. 

Amino Acids: Nutra Amino - Essential Amino Acids Lysine, Methionine, and Threonine 

Amiquell for Ulcers 

Anti-Oxidant by Su-Per, now IRON-FREE! 

Aperti - Liquid Flavoring 

B-1 by Horsetech

B-12 by Su-Per

Balance EQ for Cushing's 

BioFlax 20 for Hooves by Horsetech 

BioFlax Ultra for Hooves

Biotin by Su-Per 

Blackenall for Black and Bay Horses 

B-Plex (B Complex) 

BEET-E-BITES Cookies and Crumbles - LOW NSC Treats!

Body Builder (Gamma Oryzanol) - for Muscle Development

Branched Chain Amino Acids - BCAA

Bute Substitute by Su-Per - Powder

Bute Substitute by Su-Per -- Liquid 

CBD for you, your pets, and your horses from CBDistillery 

CBD Paste for your horses, from ForeFront Equine! 

CBD Pellets for your horses from ForeFront Equine! 

C-442 Buffered Vitamin C by Horsetech 

Calcium Citrate Powder 

California Trace and Trace PLUS - Conentrated Trace Minerals Support! 

CALM by Su-Per with Tryptophane

Camelina Oil and Premium Camelina Oil 

Carb-X for insulin resistance with Gymnema sylvestri

Chia Biscuits - Convenient, palatable, and low in sugar/starch 

Chock Full'a Chia Biscuits by Pure Form Equine - Convenient, palatable, and low in sugar/starch 

Chia -- Nutra Chia by Horsetech - NEW LOWER PRICING! 

Chondroitin Sulfate - by SuPer - for inflammation 

Chromium Yeast by Horsetech 

Colostrum by ForeFront Equine. Support for immune function tissue repair and much more! 

Cookie Crumbles from Beet-e-Bites - Low NSC for Picky Eaters! 

Crypto Aero METABOLISM -- Reduces insulin resistance symptoms!  

Crypto Aero Whole Food Bites - Raw, without cereal grains, or preservatives!  

Crypto Aero Plus - Whole Foods Supplement - Clean Eating!-- NEW LOWER PRICES!  

Curost - Curcumin support and more 

Cushing's Disease - part of the Spotlight on Equine Nutrition Series

Daily Start Probiotic - potent and boosts immune function

D-Carb Balance for Insulin Resistance

DHA! Algae to Omega by Equi-Force 

Digestion -- Decidedly Different! - part of the Spotlight on Equine Nutrition Series

Natural Vitamin E by Horsetech 

E-8000 by Su-Per

E (Natural) without Selenium by Su-Per 

E-Clipse'PM - Neurological support of conditions such as EPM and Lyme's  

Equine Gold by Kauffman's

Easy Keeper Part of the Spotlight on Equine Nutrition Series

Equi-Otic - Equine-derived probiotic that works best for diarrhea and stress 

Equipockets - soft, chewy, low sugar/starch treats with a pocket for medication! 

Ester C 

Exceed 6-Way

Flax - Cold Milled by Outlaw Feed - Individual Paks for Easy Feeding! 

Feed Your Horse Like A Horse -- Now in PAPERBACK!  Signed and personalized.

Flaxin 3 - MVP Pharmaceuticals 

Flaxseed Meal -- Nutra Flax 

Flex IR for Insulin Resistance and Cushings

ForeBasics - Foundational Formula with Colostrum, Benecell, and Pre/probiotics 

ForeCalm - A different way to calm horses and increase focus 

ForeDigest by ForeFront Equine. Colostrum based Premium Product 

ForeFront Equine - Product Line for Colostrum, Digestion, Respiration, Joints, and much more. 

ForeJoint by ForeFront Equine. Colostrum, Egg Membrane, Nucleotides, and more to feed joints and ligaments 

ForeRespiratory -- Promotes properly functioning lungs and airways 

Freedom Feeder Slow Feeder Nets! 

Gastro-Plex - Protect and Repair Stomach Lining 

G.I. Bloom from Peak Performance Nutrients -- Amazing probiotic!

GLANZEN - Complete Product Line

GutWerks - Pre/Probiotics, Live Yeast and Yeast Culture

Hay Pillow - Slow Feeder that allows for Ground Feeding! 

Hemo Cease for Respiratory Health for Daily Use

Hemp Seed Protein Fiber - High Quality Protein from ground hemp seeds 

Hemp Seed Oil! High in GLA for reducing inflammation 

Hemp Seed Topping - High Protein Hemp fragments with fiber 

HCX -- Hemo Cease Xtreme for pre-events 

High Point for Alfalfa Diets 

High Point for Grass/Pasture Diets  

High Point for Grass PELLETS!  

HylaSport CMO - with Cetyl Myristoleate! 

HylaSport CTS

Hyaluronic Acid by Su-Per 

Hyaluronan from LubriSynHA and LubriSynHA+ with MSM -- high-molecular weight formula, extracted from a microbial source, is the most effective form of HA available on the market. 

Joint Health - part of the Spotlight on Equine Nutrition Series

Joint Support from Wild Fed Feed - Herbal and Clean 

KeraFlex HA - natural alternative to glucosamine and chondroitin 

Laminex by MVP - No more Iron!

Laminitis -- Part of the Spotlight on Equine Nutrition Series

Lecithin (Phosphatidyl choline) -- Starting Gate to Prevent/Reverse Ulcers 

Levelor for mare hormonal response

Ligand 3 -- supports ligament and tendon health 

LinPro for Low Carb Diets

LiverZyme - highly effective for liver dysfunction

LubriSynHA and LubriSynHA+ with MSM -- high-molecular weight formula of hyaluronan, extracted from a microbial source, is the most effective form of HA available on the market. 

Lysine, by Su-Per 

Lyte by Su-Per - Balanced Electrolyte 

Magnesium Oxide Powder 60% 

Master's Hoof Blend (formerly HT-20) 

Matrix 5 + H/A by MVP -- all around joint support

Mega-Cell by MVP - for grass hay or grass hay/alfalfa mixtures

Mega-Mag by MVP - for diets high in alfalfa

Meta-Librium by Equi-Force - Concentrated IR Support!

Meta-Support by CurOst -- Proven Weight Loss Support! See #10 on the list. 

MicroBiome Support - Support the microbial population, reduce insulin resistance, improve digestion 

MMX for nutritional calming

MSM Liquid by Su-Per

Muscle Builder by Su-Per - Gamma Oryzanol and BCAA 

Music for Relaxation

Nibble Nets - Slow Feeding System! 

Nitric Boost from CurOst - Support Healthy Circulation 

Nutra Amino - Essential Amino Acids Lysine, Methionine, and Threonine 


Nutra-Flax Flaxseed Meal 

Omega-3-F by Kauffman's for Performance

Orthopur Si - bioavailable Silica

Osteo-Gen by Equi-Force - Bone and Cartilage Building

Overweight Horse -- the Easy Keeper -- Part of the Spotlight on Equine Nutrition Series

Phos 4 - Supplemental Phosphorus for low-P hay

Perfect Balance Electrolite by Peak Performance Nutrients

Perspirade by Peak Performance Nutrients

Porta-Grazer Slow Feeder! 

PreOx - Professional Series Antioxidant 

Profile - Omega 3 Conentrate from Flax, Chia and DHA! 

Pro-Lactic DFM - Pro/prebiotic and Immune support 

ProVM with EFAs for Show Horses 

Pro-Weight (60% Fat) 

Psyllium Pellets by Su-Per 

Psyllium Powder by Su-Per 

Pure C

Pure form Equine Chock Full'a Chia Biscuits - Convenient, palatable, and low in sugar/starch 

Quench! - Perfectly proportioned Electrolyte

Quiessence Magnesium

Ration Plus

Redmond Rock - Quality Natural Sea Salt mined in Utah 

ReitHoof - Advanced Support 

REITSPORT -- Complete Product Line   

Rejuvenate - Whole Food Nutrients with Hops! 

Relaxation Music for Horses

Respire - Allergies, Heaves, or Respiratory Issues 

"Sea Biscuits" by Pure Form Equine - Chia biscuits containing Spirulina and Manuka Honey 

Redmond Sea Salt mined in Utah 

Selen AT - Selenium Yeast/Natural Vitamin E

Selenium Yeast, just selenium, by Horsetech 

SuPer Sound - Support for Joint, Ligament and Tendons

Spirulina - ON SALE! 

Stability EQ -- New Formula!

Stomach Soother from Wild Fed Feed - Herbal and Clean 

Starting Gate - Lecithin to Prevent/Reverse Ulcers 

Stop the Pain

suBstitUTE by Su-Per - Powder

suBstitUTE by Su-Per -- Liquid

Su-Per Antioxidant - Horse Journal Favorite!

Su-Per B-Oil for Muscles

Su-Per Liniment for rapid cooling

SuPer Sound - Support for Joint, Ligament and Tendons

Su-Per SuBstitUTE Liquid

Su-Per SuBstitUTE Powder

SweatWerks - for the Non-Sweater - Guaranteed to work! 

Teleseminars in Print! Spotlight on Equine Nutrition Series

Thiamine  (Vitamin B1)by Su-Per

Thiamine (Vitamin B1)Concentrated by Horsetech



Turmeric -- Alpha Gold (formerly Equi-Liquid Gold) - with flax and coconut oils

TurmeriGOLD - Concentrated turmeric with omega 3s, from Peak Performance Nutrients

Turmericle from Stance Equine - Turmeric, PowerStance, and Resveratrol


Ultimate by Equi-Shine - Vitamin/Mineral supplement with Flax

Vitamin B-12 by Su-Per 

Vitamin C -- Buffered: C-442 by Horsetech 

Vitamin C - pure ascorbic acid

Natural Vitamin E by Horsetech 

Vitamin E (Natural) - no selenium by Su-Per

Wild Fed Joint Support - Herbal and Clean 

Whole Foods Part of the Spotlight on Equine Nutrition Series

Yeast + - Digestion and Weight Gain 

Yucc' It Up! - Yucca for inflammation - medicine that feeds like a treat

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