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Wild Fed Stomach Soother - For the prevention and treatment of stomach ulcers

Often the cause of ulcers in horses is stress such as moving to a new location, lots of trailer travel, not eating often enough, competition etc. It is important to address the cause of the stress in addition to repairing the damaged tissues so the ulcer does not continually return. Ingredients: Organic Marshmallow root, Chia, Organic Kelp, Organic Chamomile, Organic Licorice Root, Organic Anise, Organic Meadowsweet, Love and Prayers

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Wild Fed Allergy Support - Calms the immune system response to allergic triggers

Benefits: This formula is designed to reduce the allergic inflammatory response. The herbs in this formula are anti-inflammatory, rich in bioflavonoids and anti-oxidants and stop the histamine response. Horses often can get swollen underbellies due to an allergic response to biting insects. This formula can stop the allergic response and help to modulate the immune system to be less responsive.Ingredients:  Organic Nettle Leaf, Organic Orange Peel, Organic Holy Basil, Organic Peppermint, Organic Rosehips, Organic Milk Thistle seed, Love and Prayers

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TWO Turmeric-containing NEW Supplements:

1. Turmericle - by Stance Equine. Contains Turmeric, PowerStance (powdered coconut oil) and Resveratrol for inflammation.  Click here for more information...

2. TurmeriGOLD - by Peak Performance Nutrients - Contains concentrated curcumin along with omega 3s from flax. Click here for more information...

Crypto Aero Whole Food Bites

These treats are 100% raw, human-grade. They are gluten, soy, grain, sugar, and preservative free!  

They also provide B vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids, and the potent anti-inflammatory properties of Spirulina.

Chock Full'a Chia Biscuits 

Offer Chia in a highly palatable biscuit that is excellent for a treat, or for supplementing chia seeds. Low in Sugar and Starch. Are high in omega 3s which reduce inflammation, support hoof health as well as protect against endocrine-related laminitis. "Sea Biscuits" are especially good for horses with challenges to their immune system such as allergic reactions and those with Cushing's disease -- contain spirulina and Manuka honey for a healthy immune response. 

Hemp Seed Protein Fiber

Ground hemp seeds offer high quality protein, plus fiber in a palatable meal. 

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Crypto Aero Plus+ 

A complete, whole food, vitamin and mineral supplement supporting hoof growth, cartilage, tendon, joint, lung, capillary strength, immune system, fore and hind gut digestion and intestinal lining, coat, kidney, and thyroid health. 100% human grade. Non-GMO.

by ForeFront Equine

Research indicates that colostrum may help:
-- support immune system function
-- combat bacteria and viruses
-- enhance skin and muscle rejuvenation
-- support joint and cartilage function
-- build lean muscle mass
-- maintain healthy intestinal flora
-- increase strength and stamina
-- accelerate healing of injury and trauma

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Horses thrive on the minerals Redmond Rock provides. The minerals in this naturally mined rock can help restore and bring your horse back into his natural mineral balance. By including Redmond Rock as a free choice mineral supplement in their pasture or stall, your horse will have access to the finest natural mineral source available. 

Camelina Oil
from WildGold

Besides being essential to your horse's diet, the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in Wild Gold Camelina OIl have been shown to positively impact cell membrane response to trauma and infection as well as reducing inflammation. 

Hemp oil is a relative newcomer to the group of oils fed to horses. It is unique in that it contains all of the identified essential fatty acids: omega 3s, 6s, 9s, and the very important omega 6 known as Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA). GLA actually reduces inflammation (unlike linoleic acid, a very common omega 6). Non-GMO and excellent for your horse to reduce inflammation and make him shine!

Rejuvenate -- Whole Food Nutrients -- NEW!!
Support a Balanced Diet, Hindgut Microbial Balance and Cellular Health

A true whole food nutritional supplement to support a balanced diet and cellular health, while promoting hindgut microbial balance with a concentrated Hops extract (for forages high in fructansand brewer�s yeast.   


Proven effective to ease allergic responses to insects, pollen, and                 other allergens. 

Nutra Flax


  • Improved coat and hair appearance
  • Improved hoof condition
  • Decreased nervousness

Omega 3 Fatty Acids from Flaxseed show Promise in Treating:

  • Thrombotic diseases, dyslipidemia, and cardia arrhythmia
  • Allergic dermatitis
  • Chronic arthritis
  • Chronic inflammation and small airway disease in young racehorses
  • Enteritis or colitis induced by bacteria, parasites, or drugs
  • Clinical endotoxemia
  • Neural development of foals

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An excellent source of Omega 3s to reduce inflammation, lower insulin resistance, protect immune function, ease skin and hoof problems, and make your horse shine with health! Chia seeds are also high in water soluble fiber, creating a soothing gel inside the digestive tract.

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