Compare to Bigeloil, but at a better


A soothing and refreshing brace that quickly stimulates circulation to soothe and cool tired, over-heated horses. Rub well into sore and painful muscle and joint areas. Use as often as required to obtain temporary relief.

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Compare to Absorbine, but at a better price!

A soothing, effective aid in the temporary relief of minor soreness and stiffness due to overexertion where a counterirritant or massage is needed.

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Hi Shine Shampoo, by Shapley's (makers of M-T-G)



Hi Shine is a powerful clarifying shampoo with a rich, foamy lather that lifts dirt and rinses easily with no residue. Hi Shine leaves coat, mane, and tail squeaky clean, manageable, and sleek with a great shine. Whether applied straight or diluted, Hi Shine is gentle enough to be used safely on a regular basis. Hi Shine is formulated to cut through the oils in Original M-T-G, leaving coat clean and free of build up.  Click Here for info...



 Vita-Hoof® Conditioner & Dressing

Contains highly effective, moisture-preserving ingredients that are readily absorbed for a more pliable hoof. Applied regularly, Vita-Hoof will improve hoof condition and aid in treating thrush.

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