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TWO Turmeric-containing NEW Supplements:

1. Turmericle - by Stance Equine. Contains Turmeric, PowerStance (powdered coconut oil) and Resveratrol for inflammation.  Click here for more information...

2. TurmeriGOLD - by Peak Performance Nutrients - Contains concentrated curcumin along with omega 3s from flax. Click here for more information...


Revolutionary Inflammatory Protection - Nine excellent formulas 

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Alpha Gold
Offers curcumin in a perfect balance of coconut oil, flaxseed oil, and Aloe Vera, to offer an incredibly convenient and effective way of delivering turmeric to your horse. 

Ideal for for horses needing joint and mobility support, as well as reducing inflammatory conditions throughout the body.

Ligand 3 

Formula to Support Protein Metabolism and Muscle Strength; Ligament, Tendon and Hoof Health

A revolutionary new product from Foxden Equine, Ligand 3 is designed to help maintain circulation and reduce inflammation and muscle soreness associated with work. Ligand 3 contains adaptogens and antioxidants to support working muscle and connective tissue.

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Stop The Pain 

An all natural alternative to bute that is highly effective.


SU-PER´┐Ż  suBstitUTE 
Bute-less pain reliever and a powerful combination of anti-inflammatory nutrients, designed to lessen the need for Bute. A blend of Devils Claw, MSM, Yucca Extract, Salix Alba (willow bark), and several other herbal extracts, designed to give the most complete natural anit-inflammatory support available from a drug-free source.  

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