Products that are beneficial in treatment and prevention

Spotlight on Equine Nutrition Series

Offers three books that relate to laminitis


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CBD for you, your family, your pets, and your horses

Full Spectrum Tinctures, Gummies, capsules, lip balm,and Topical Cream, as well as pellets and paste for your horses. 

Getty Equine Nutrition LLC is pleased to offer you CBD in various forms and concentrations to help alleviate a variety of conditions.  

Products from CBDistillery (Balanced Health Botanicals) and ForeFront Equine are all natural, made from organic and GMO-free, American-grown hemp.

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TWO Turmeric-containing NEW Supplements:

1. Turmericle - by Stance Equine. Contains Turmeric, PowerStance (powdered coconut oil) and Resveratrol for inflammation.  Click here for more information...

2. TurmeriGOLD - by Peak Performance Nutrients - Contains concentrated curcumin along with omega 3s from flax. Click here for more information...

Chock Full'a Chia Biscuits 

Offer Chia in a highly palatable biscuit that is excellent for a treat, or for supplementing chia seeds. Low in Sugar and Starch. Are high in omega 3s which support hoof health as well as protect against endocrine-related laminitis. "Sea Biscuits" are especially good for horses with challenges to their immune system such as allergic reactions and those with Cushing's disease -- contain spirulina and Manuka honey for a healthy immune response. 

An excellent source of Omega 3s to reduce inflammation, lower insulin resistance, protect immune function, ease skin and hoof problems, and make your horse shine with health! Chia seeds are also high in water soluble fiber, creating a soothing gel inside the digestive tract.

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CurOst EQ 
Nitric Boost

Boost and support healthy nitric oxide levels for circulation and performance. Nitric oxide is vital for blood vessel health. Beneficial for laminitis, tying up, poor hoof growth and tendon support. 

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The foundational formula for all ForeFront Equine Blends. Harnesses the power of colostrum, Benecell, and pre/probiotics into basic blend for horses who don't require additional joint, digestive, or lung support. 

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CurOst EQ Meta-Support

The proven powers of concentrated Blueberry, Bilberry, Noni fruit, Apple peel, Poria cocos, Astragalus and Amla to help promote healthy sugar metabolism and insulin function, while supporting a healthy inflammatory response and improved cellular function through natural antioxidant support.

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by Equi-Force

Concentrated Insulin Resistance Support

High in magnesium, chromium, lipoic acid, L-Carnitine, vitamins E and C, with moderate selenium. Also excellent source of cinnamon. 

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   Equipockets Pill Pouches (from Beet-e-Bites)! 

Equipockets are the delicious way to give your horse medication. They are tested at Equi-Analytical Laboratories and are under 10% ESC and Starch, which are the recommendations from veterinarians for horses with Insulin Resistance, Cushing�s disease, PSSM, and Equine Metabolic Syndrome.

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Algae to Omega

by Equi-Force

High-DHA Algae

Contains 17% DHA, a potent anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acid. DHA lowers insulin resistance and reduces inflammation better than alpha linolenic acid typically derived from ground flax or chia seeds.

 Freedom Feeder

Freedom Feeder is the original slow feed hay net in the USA which creates a feeding system. Freedom Feeder allows your horses to have the closest thing to pasture in an environment which is void of regular pasture. It helps horses live happier, healthier lives by allowing horses to graze in a natural fashion by providing forage 24/7.

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Natural Grazing Slow Feeder/Soaker

Porta-Grazer� Prevents & Treats many ailments:

  • Sand colic
  • Impaction colic
  • Laminitis
  • Insulin resistance
  • COPD
  • TMJ
  • Choke
  • Bad stall habits
  • Conformation - back, hock, neck issues
  • Stress related disorders

Rejuvenate -- Whole Food Nutrients -- NEW!!
Support a Balanced Diet, Hindgut Microbial Balance and Cellular Health

A true whole food nutritional supplement to support a balanced diet and cellular health, while promoting hindgut microbial balance with a concentrated Hops extract (for forages high in fructansand brewer�s yeast.   


Laminex -- NEW Formula - IRON-FREE!

Concentrated Nutritional Support for Laminitic Horses  

Amino Acids
Comprehensive Vitamins and Minerals
Joint and Hoof support
Hyaluronic acid




Insulin Resistant horses can enjoy these delicious cookies, designed for all horses, especially the:

� Insulin Resistant, Diabetic, Laminitic or Cushingoid Horse; 
� Large breeds that are prone toward polysaccharide disorders (EPSM); or

� Simply and Most Importantly -- Your Best Friend!

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Low NSC - Natural ingredients

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D-Carb (Balance)

Specifically formulated for horses predisposed to:

--  Insulin Resistance

--  Laminitis

-- Glucose Intolerance

Several key ingredients have been identified in field trial studies to aid in Carbohydrate -Insulin - Glucose metabolism (Mg, Cr, and more).



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Professional Series Antioxidant

Antioxidants are necessary for the reduction of inflammation caused by laminitis.  They neutralize damaging free radicals, thereby expediting healing and reducing further damage. Contains Added Grapeseed Extract for Greater Antioxidant Power! -- Flaxseed Base!

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Stop The Pain -- An All Natural Bute Alternative That WORKS!
Stop The Pain proves to be a safe and affordable alternative to bute.  A 1 ounce dose of Stop The Pain is equal to 2.0 grams of Phenylbutazone with a cost-to-benefit ratio that is unbeatable.



Omega 3 fatty acids for optimal health as well as prevention and clinical management of certain diseases.

Some of the reported benefits in the appearance and disposition of the horse are:

  • Improved coat and hair appearance
  • Improved hoof condition
  • Decreased nervousness

Omega 3 Fatty Acids from Flaxseed show Promise in Treating:

  • Thrombotic diseases, dyslipidemia, and cardia arrhythmia
  • Allergic dermatitis
  • Chronic arthritis
  • Chronic inflammation and small airway disease in young racehorses
  • Enteritis or colitis induced by bacteria, parasites, or drugs
  • Clinical endotoxemia
  • Neural development of foals

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Ration Plus

Modern day management practices of stabling and twice per day feedings, high concentrate diets, travel, breeding and competition, can all jeopardize the health of a horse. The horse's digestive tract is very vulnerable to stress and is one of the main contributors to health problems. The horse's digestive tract can be negatively affected by any one or all of the stressors modern day horses are subject to every day.    

Ration Plus provides the digestive environment necessary to maintain the important balance of the digestive microflora. The importance of these microorganisms and the balance of their populations cannot be overemphasized. 

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Quiessence is a Magnesium(Mg) based feed supplement. As well as providing much needed Magnesium for the body.

Horses who may benefit from the feed supplement Quiessence:

  • Horses with dietary concerns such as obesity or laminitic predispositions
  • Horses whose main diet consists of processed feed stuff
  • Horses who have problems gaining or maintaining weight
  • Horses prone to or at risk of founder
  • Horses prone to cresty necks
  • Horses with nerve conditions
  • Nervous, high-strung horses
  • Horses with neurological conditions such as EPM
  • Horses with attention-deficit tendencies 

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