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CBD for you, your family, your pets, and your horses

Full Spectrum Tinctures, Gummies, capsules, lip balm,and Topical Cream, as well as pellets and paste for your horses. 

Getty Equine Nutrition LLC is pleased to offer you CBD in various forms and concentrations to help alleviate a variety of conditions.  

Products from CBDistillery (Balanced Health Botanicals) and ForeFront Equine are all natural, made from organic and GMO-free, American-grown hemp.

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CBD!!!  From Forefront Equine - makers of clean, THC products for your horses and pets:

Herbal preparations by Wild Fed:

Joint Support 1 and 2

Joint formula 1 and Joint formula 2 are designed to be used together.  Wild Fed Joint Support formulas are safe for long term use should your horse have a condition such as arthritis. When your horse has been on the same joint formula for a long period of time, it will begin adapting to it and will stop working as efficiently.  Each of the Wild Fed formulas has different herbs and are both totally balanced. 


The same quality joint support you know from Actiflex products, now in a tasty pellet. 

TWO Turmeric-containing NEW Supplements:

1. Turmericle - by Stance Equine. Contains Turmeric, PowerStance (powdered coconut oil) and Resveratrol for inflammation.  Click here for more information...

2. TurmeriGOLD - by Peak Performance Nutrients - Contains concentrated curcumin along with omega 3s from flax.

An excellent source of Omega 3s to reduce inflammation, lower insulin resistance, protect immune function, ease skin and hoof problems, and make your horse shine with health! Chia seeds are also high in water soluble fiber, creating a soothing gel inside the digestive tract.

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CurOst EQ 
Nitric Boost

Boost and support healthy nitric oxide levels for circulation and performance. Nitric oxide is vital for blood vessel health. Beneficial for laminitis, tying up, poor hoof growth and tendon support. 

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LubriSynHA and LubriSynHA+ with MSM 

The high-molecular weight formula of LubriSynHA, extracted from a microbial source, is the most effective form of HA available on the market. 

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by ForeFront Equine

Help reduce joint pain and inflammation with a cutting-edge combination of ingredients, including curcumin, egg membrane, colostrum, nucleotides, and MSM. ForeJoint is one of the most comprehensive equine joint products available. It contains BeneCell, a high nucleotide formulation that helps the body produce new cells more rapidly during times of stress, training, and performance. Provide your equine athletes the nutrients they need for healthy joints, tendons, and ligaments.

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Camelina Oil
from WildGold

Besides being essential to your horse's diet, the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in Wild Gold Camelina OIl have been shown to positively impact cell membrane response to trauma and infection as well as reducing inflammation. 

Profile - Omega 3 Concentrate

Horsetech's Profile provides an extra boost of DHA without the use of fish oil! Instead, they use Algal Omega-3 Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) on a base of food-grade flax and chia seeds! 

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Algae to Omega

by Equi-Force

High-DHA Algae



by Equi-Force

Bone and Cartilage Building Supplement

Promotes bone and cartilage development in foals, yearlings, and horses in training

Helps increase bone strength and density

Supplies nutrients needed for optimal repair of damaged bone and cartilage 

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by Horsetech

All the benefits of glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, and hyaluronic acid, plus Cetyl Myristoleate

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  SuPer Sound

(Gateway Products)

Support for joint, ligament, and tendon health.

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  Matrix 5+HA (Pellets)

(Med-Vet Pharmaceuticals)

All-around joint protection with excellent levels of glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, hyaluronic acid, and important minerals.

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 Exceed 6-Way

(Med-Vet Pharmaceuticals)

High level of support for joints, hooves, digestion integrity, protection from ulcers and colic, blood/vascular health, skin/hair


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Ligand 3 

(Foxden Equine)

Formula that supports protein metabolism and muscle strength; feeds ligaments, tendons, and hooves.

A revolutionary new product from Foxden Equine, Ligand 3 is designed to help maintain circulation and reduce inflammation and muscle soreness associated with work. Ligand 3 contains adaptogens and antioxidants to support working muscle and connective tissue.

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HylaSport CTS and CMO


HylaSport CTS is effective for horses in heavy work or training.  It is also a great choice for horses recovering from connective tissue injuries. Contains more than traditional joint supplements with grapeseed extract, lysine, vitamin C, and silica.  CMO offers Cetyl Myristoleate.




  with Hyaluronic Acid

(Foxden Equine) 

The active ingredient is Cynatine FLX - a natural alternative to Glucosamine and Chondroitin, combining potent joint health and antioxidant properties into a single premium ingredient, extracted from pure New Zealand wool.


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Hyaluronic Acid

(Gateway Products) 

Available in Powder, Liquid, or Paste. Supports joint function -- key component of synovial fluid, which provides lubrication

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(Cox Vet Labs) 

Key substances work together to improve performance by increasing the horse's supply of joint-lubricating synovial fluid, which repairs and strengthens body parts that running puts under high stress.   

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Acti-Flex Powder

(Cox Vet Labs) 

Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfates, MSM, Hyaluronic Acid, and Vitamin C!  

Works fast to fight inflammation and pain, and also gives long term protection to knees, backs, stifles, hocks, fetlocks and other cartilage. It helps to prevent much of the cumulative cartilage damage that eventually shortens the animal's prime performance years.

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Acti-Flex Senior 

(Cox Vet Labs) 

Formulated for the "old timer" to help them stay flexible, comfortable and maintain a healthy weight.  




ReitSport HA-100 

Offers excellent support for joints, hooves, coat, attitude, and provides minerals as well as a complete probiotic package. 

ReitsSport HA-100 COMPLETE -- the "Gold" Standard!

For horses on predominantly hay-based diets (replaces the vitamins lost in grass when it is cut, dried and stored as hay)

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Same benefits as Reitsport HA-100, with less ground flax, making it lower in calories. Also more palatable for picky eaters.  



Glanzen GL

Offers hoof, coat, and attitude support, along with added glucosamine.


Adds vitamins for the horse who eats mostly hay.  

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Stop The Pain

(Cox Vet Labs) 

An an natural bute alternative that is highly effective. 


(Gateway Products) 

Bute-less pain reliever and a powerful combination of anti-inflammatory nutrients, designed to lessen the need to Bute.  A propritary blend of Devils Claw, MSM, Yucca Extract, Salix Alba (willow bark), and several other herbal extracts, designed to give the most complete natural anit-inflammatory support available from a drug-free source.  


A bioavailable source of silica.  Silica is essential for collagen formation and has great potential to help with joint and cartilage inflammation and deterioration, as well as bone density/strength, hoof integrity, immune status, and skin and coat health.

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