Rockinghorse Feeder 
A feeder that allows for eating at ground level, the most natural feeding position for any grazing animal. Made in the USA! Superior materials and workmanship!


The adaptogenic and researched power of Ashwaghanda to effectively reduce anxiety, stress, and manage cortisol levels to produce a calmer and well adjusted horse with no sedation. Also beneficial in managing cortisol in Cushing's horses.

MMX by Horsetech. On Sale! If you are looking at calming supplements, chances are you've seen products that utilize magnesium and/or B-complex vitamins.  Horses that exhibit spooky/nervous behavior or simply lack focus often respond well to this combination.

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Does your mare need hormonal support to calm her during cycles, while on trails, or in competition?

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Getty Equine Nutrition, LLC is proud to present

Relaxation Music for Horses for Equine Well-Being, Composed by Janet Marlow

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B Complex Vitamin Supplement to assist with stress, calming, weight gain, appetite, and performance. 

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Can be used prior to any event during which you want your horse to be calm, but remain alert!



Quiessence is a Magnesium(Mg) based feed supplement. As well as providing much needed Magnesium for the body, the supplement provides synergistic B vitamins.

Horses who may benefit from the feed supplement Quiessence:

  • Horses with dietary concerns such as obesity or laminitic predispositions
  • Horses whose main diet consists of processed feed stuff
  • Horses who have problems gaining or maintaining weight
  • Horses prone to or at risk of founder
  • Horses prone to cresty necks
  • Horses with nerve conditions
  • Nervous, high-strung horses
  • Horses with neurological conditions such as EPM
  • Horses with attention-deficit tendencies 

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Stability EQTM 

Stability EQTM  (formerly called "Mare Alleve) is an herbal mix designed to restore normal mental equilibrium in cycling mares and nervous, tense geldings. Mare-AlleveTM is legal, safe and effective.

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