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Spotlight on Equine Nutrition Series - 

Offers seven books on specific health topics

Focused, concise, and useful. These books will answer your questions.



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Feed Your Horse Like A Horse

Optimize your horse's nutrition for a lifetime of vibrant health

Dr. Getty's comprehensive reference continues to enlighten horse owners to ways of feeding in sync with their horse's instincts and innate physiology.

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Chock Full'a Chia Biscuits 

Offer Chia in a highly palatable biscuit that is excellent for a treat, or for supplementing chia seeds. Low in Sugar and Starch. Are high in omega 3s which reduce inflammation, support hoof health as well as protect against endocrine-related laminitis. "Sea Biscuits" are especially good for horses with challenges to their immune system such as allergic reactions and those with Cushing's disease -- contain spirulina and Manuka honey for a healthy immune response. 

Versatile, easy to use, high quality slow feeding hay bag that is designed for use on the ground, allowing your horse to eat in a natural grazing position and encourage movement.  Proudly made in the USA.  


Healthy and Safe Slow Feeding System

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 Freedom Feeder

Freedom Feeder is the original slow feed hay net in the USA which creates a feeding system. Freedom Feeder allows your horses to have the closest thing to pasture in an environment which is void of regular pasture. It helps horses live happier, healthier lives by allowing horses to graze in a natural fashion by providing forage 24/7.

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Natural Grazing Slow Feeder/Soaker

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Porta-Grazer Prevents & Treats many ailments:

  • Sand colic
  • Impaction colic
  • Laminitis
  • Insulin resistance
  • COPD
  • TMJ
  • Choke
  • Bad stall habits
  • Conformation - back, hock, neck issues
  • Stress related disorders

   Equipockets Pill Pouches (from Beet-e-Bites)! 

Equipockets are the delicious way to give your horse medication. They are tested at Equi-Analytical Laboratories and are under 10% ESC and Starch, which are the recommendations from veterinarians for horses with Insulin Resistance, Cushing's disease, PSSM, and Equine Metabolic Syndrome.

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Low NSC - Natural ingredients

Insulin Resistant horses can enjoy these delicious cookies, designed for all horses, especially the:

  • Insulin Resistant, Diabetic, Laminitic or Cushingoid Horse; 
  • Large breeds that are prone toward polysaccharide disorders (EPSM); or
  • Simply and Most Importantly -- Your Best Friend!

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Relaxation Music for Horses -- CD 

Composed by Janet Marlow  

This music has been composed and recorded by a specific process for your horses' needs. Low and high frequencies can cause stress and anxiety in horses. The frequency range of the music has been modified for your horses' hearing sensitivities.  It is the mastering process that brings the music into the center of the hearing range of your horse, which elicits calm from them in their environment.

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